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LM31CA   Licence
   An Nasiriyah ألناصريه      
Province Thi Qar ذي قار      


I worked in An Nasiriyah in  Iraq - province Thi Qar - from November 2003 to April 2004.

In this province (the Shia's South) I made my job as the Local Governance and Public Administration specialist, within the framework of the project realized by US Department of Defense and US Agency for International Development.

  Local Governance Project.
Trainings before
deployment in
Fort Bragg
, NC


The bloody terrorist attack on quarters Carabinieri. There were killed 21 Italians and many Iraqis. These were our friends - our abodes had a common wall! We survived.

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Would you like to hear the singing of the muezzin from the minaret,
marking rhythm of the day and life?


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Dariusz Milka

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