City Council

Governor's Office

The visit in City Council in An Nasiriyah - the chairman in the middle.

We are visiting Governor of Thi Qar province.

Women meet Paul Bremer


I introduce invited representatives of women organizations - on the meeting with the Ambassador Paul Bremer.

Women from different organizations talk over their own problems with P. Bremer.



The election of women - representatives in Governorate Council.

The last fixing of the electoral tactics.

There began throwing voting cards.

Please to not disturb; there are going on political consultations.

Together with Hussein we supervise the voting procedure.

Probably first ballots from tens years in Iraq, to the direct, free, equal and secret vote.

Maysoon and Rusha (women activists) read counted results.

Rusha counts votes.



Elections to the town council - Chibaysh on of Euphrates and Tiger marshes.

The commander of Rumanian troops, protecting elections.

The battle-car is blocking access to the polling station.

In Iraq is on the contrary than in democratic countries. Here to be obligatory the rule - "No weapons -  no elections". One from positions of heavy machine-guns on the roof of the polling station.

Sometimes I had to to help to press the card into the ballot box.

The oldest participant of elections. On the board "Greetings from Poland".

Also youngest sat in on these land-marks.

Even protecting us Australians from Special Forces smile to the little child.




Elections to the town council - Al Batha, desert part of Thi Qar province.

This man came on first in its own life free election, from the distant hamlet.

Three generations.
The grandson guides the older woman to the ballot box.

For these women it is the only small step, one footstep to overpass. For their country it is the JUMP forward for tens of years.

The commemorative picture organizers' of elections: Tonio from Philippines, Tobin from the Department of the State USA. and I.



Other reality - we celebrated differently.

My new role - Santa Claus from Nassiriyah.

War conditions , so gift must be suitable.

The subunit of Dutch Special Forces - the Santa Claus special task group.





Which is Iraq?

East side - The quarters Italian Carabinieri worn out in bomb attack in 12 November 2003; they were killed the 19 person.

West side - Sunset over close (200 meters) Euphrates.

Both pictures became made from the same point - rooftop of one from the villa of our abode.


The beautiful country, the exotic flora but...

Here even dogs fear all.

Iraq is exactly convenient to imagines and encyclopedic descriptions:"It is the desert country without vegetation, devoid of water".

"And Bedouins wander with their own herds of camels through boundless, sandy areas".

The scenery as from the Venetian lagoon, only this palm tree...

But these gondoliers - as paint!

Sunset over boundless flood waters.

The hamlet with afloat houses from the reed among palm trees.

7 thousands years of history - ziggurat in Ur.

The house of biblical Abraham - his well.

The Iraqi wedding - play only men.

The Arabic habit - smoking of the water pipe.

The herd of typical, urban animals.

The ritual flagellation during holyday Ashoora.


The day of Saddam capture - 12 December 2003

    This was the really great day for Iraqis, crucial day. In fact they believed, that all one can in their country change. Indeed Saddam no longer ruled but constantly hung his shadow and supporters warned, that it will return and will punish not humble.

        After these news on the city exploded such shots, as never hitherto - the lots of people drove with cars, sounded the bugle frightfully and shot into the air. This lasted through 2 days, inclusive with night. But the first time, we listened sounds of shots with pleasure - one felt the unusual atmosphere of this moment.


Anxiously and with the hope we waited for CNN breaking news. Already half-hour earlier Iraqi radio and the television gave the message on Saddam's catching; but it was not the first time.

Yes, it is the truth! The ambassador P. Bremer announces this splendid message, with well-known words: "We got him!"

Collected but and calmed we look along with our Iraqi employees and with neighbors from South Africa the television remittance.

On our eyes happens history!

Muhammad the chief of our Iraqi guard and Steve, the chief of our Australian bodyguard, contentedly and with the hope look these scenes. Perhaps at last it will be a little more safely?


Iraqis are very nice and spontaneous people. There begin dances and play - there one is whereof to gladden!

As a leading person young Walid, one from our drivers from guard.



Training for members of board, administrated with the regional fund - 1 million $ on basic investments.

Training of biding and tendering processes in investments.

The cycle trainings devoted to public finance and managing in the province. There participated deputes governors of the province Thi Qar and the chairman of the Province Council.

Sometimes discussed problems were enough composite.



Carabinieri quarters - the destroyed building just behind our wall.

The rooftop of our abode.

One from to entrances to our villas; the picture with my colleague Tony from Philippines.

The view from the bank of Euphrates. On left hand one from our villas (this in which I lived). Concrete-dams on the way against vehicles.

The vigilance and caution...

The threat lies in wait here at every step.

To guard it is necessary also from the air.

And even inside protected Air Force Base Tallil.

The normal, everyday equipment of our every car.

Indifferently where and what for one leaves.

"The passenger- terminal" in AFB Tallil.

Deep inside Blackhawks.

The entrance to AFB Tallil. All to get out to the inspection, to open what will give in cars - the research explosive charges.

A little "non-typical" soldier.

Though it is the southern zone, British, this takes place to meet soldiers from further zones.
Even Poles.

And also Spaniards.

Royal Dutch Special Forces.

Peace (?) pigeons from Nassiriyah; on razor wires inside ruins.

The camp Carabinieri, armies Rumanian and Portuguese over the bank of Euphrates.
Directly 300 meters from us.

The room of briefings.

The Bethlehem Nassiriyah 2003. What in her is not so? The razor wire and explosion-proof dams by the Christ's crib?!

The world outside is not friendly, nor safe.

Remainders the Saddam's air defense of the base.

The war child.

Convoy of donkeys transporting boxes for the weapons and the ammunition. To whom did hit her mark the content?



They assaulted! Mission accomplished

"Neighbors" from Al Sadr militia gather the weapons. In this RPG and heavy machine-guns. 3 weeks later they attacked us.
The first attempt of breakthrough into cars was unsuccessful. We are waiting for the opportunity - the fire lasts already 1,5 the hour. Jeff, Steve and Walid in the hall ready to the encounter.
Go, go, go! When to jump to cars?
Perhaps it will succeed ... The first stage is successful. We overlie on the floor of cars. Now only to reach the military unit!