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 +1 h 
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Two equal vertical bands of white (hoist side) and red; in the upper hoist-side corner is a representation of the George Cross, edged in red.
none (administered directly from Valletta)
Local Councils carry out administrative orders.
397,499 (July 2002 est.)
Maltese (official), English (official)
35° 50' N, 14° 35' E
 Area total: 
316 sq. km
 Land area: 
316 sq. km
 Water area: 
0 sq. km
 Total land
0 km
196.8 km
(Does not include 56.01 km for the island of Gozo.)
Mediterranean Sea 0 m - Ta'Dmejrek 253 m (near Dingli)
 country code: 
Euro (EUR)
 Name -
 long form: 
Republic of Malta
 Name -
 short form: 
 Name - local
 long form: 
Repubblika ta' Malta
 Name - local
 short form: 
21 September 1964 (from UK)
1964 constitution substantially amended on 13 December 1974 and again in 1987
Independence Day, 21 September (1964)

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