Market Reef 
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 Time zone
 +2 h (Only the Finish half; the Swedish half observes the same time as Sweden +1 h.) 
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 Market Reef: Territorial division 
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 Flag description 
Flag of Finland.
          Wyspa Market Reef          
 Market Reef 
Only the Finish half is DXCC Entity!!! Swedish half (Market Island) is only island with IOTA reference EU-053.
60° 18' N, 19° 08' E
 Area total: 
0.015 sq. km
 Total land
670 m
 with neighbor
Sweden 670 m
Sea level 0 m - unnamed place 4 m
none (part of Finland)
From 1960 as DXCC country - now Entity.
Territory of Finland
It is not clear that Märket belong to Åland since the Finnish half is in fact governed directly from Helsinki; but the island is not part of any province in Finland.
Another sources says that the Finnish section is part of the Hammarland municipality, and the Swedish section is part of the Norrtälje and Östhammarin municipalities.
          Wyspa Market Reef          

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